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Free WiFi

Ordering Tramadol Online Forum, Buying Tramadol For Dogs

Ordering Tramadol Online Forum, Buying Tramadol For Dogs

The Bristol Hotel was inspired by historical European boutique hotels in Germany and beyond. Our unique property features:

  • Flat Screen Tvs
  • Free High Speed Internet
  • Minifridges
  • Hairdryers
  • Custom, Solid Cherry Wood Furnishings
  • Sumptuous Silk Brocade Fabrics
  • Austrian Crystal Chandeliers
  • Original Artwork Imported From Europe
  • Fine China, Marble Statues And Original Historical Artifacts Are On Display Throughout The Public Spaces Including A Piece Of The Berlin Wall.

Breakfast in The Berlin Room

Every morning Bristol Hotel features a generous, complimentary European-style Breakfast Buffet. Enjoy Eggs Your Way™ – our signature seasoning station featuring artisanal hot sauces and spices so even on the road, you can have your eggs the way you like them. Our hot breakfast also includes bacon, sausage, fresh cut fruit, wholesome yogurts, hot and cold cereals, croissants, bagels, toast and an assortment of danishes as well as seasonal offerings. Enjoy our self service coffee bar with artisanal tea selection or an assortment of fruit juices to start off your day.

Business Amenities

We know working from the road can be hard. You have to perform at your best without all of the conveniences and amenities of your office back home. At Bristol Hotel we have designed our amenities with the road warrior in mind. We strive to be more than your hotel, but an extension of your business.

  • Wired for Work™

Our spacious guestrooms each feature a T1 DSL line for high speed internet along with generous work desk. Bristol Hotel’s apartment style accommodations set us apart from other hotels in Silicon Valley. Every room is designed to provide comfortable guest seating and space for visitors.

  • The Berlin Room Work Lounge

After 10am The Berlin Room transitions into a comfortable work lounge with spacious seating and free wifi. For business travelers in need of a professional setting for client meetings, The Berlin Room is the perfect place to make a good impression. With eight individual tables as well as lounge seating, The Berlin Room presents a variety of work options for individuals or small group work sessions. You can stay Wired for Work™ with complimentary coffee & tea served all day.

  • 24/7 Lobby Business Center

Need to print those boarding passes or a document you burned the midnight oil on? Our 24/7 Lobby Business Center provides 8 ½” x 11” color printing that can be sent from your guest room as well as free incoming/outgoing fax service and photocopies up to 5 pages*. Our lobby workstation provides internet access for those traveling technology free.

Additional Amenities:

  • Complimentary Parking
  • Free​​ ​Local Calls
  • Personalized Guest Services Team
  • Express Check-out
  • ADA Compliant Facilities and Generous Guestrooms for Ease of Movement
  • Electronic Key System
  • Newspapers in the Lobby
*Complimentary fax service applies to domestic fax numbers only.
Tramadol Ukraine Buy

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