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Free WiFi

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Nearly 25 years ago our family broke ground on our first hotel property just outside of downtown San Jose. Back then the internet was just a vague concept and “Silicon Valley” barely even an idea. Over the years we have developed, launched and operated eight hotel properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. As we see the hotel market become dominated by big chains, we pride ourselves on the individuality of our properties, the focus on locality and our ability to do things a little different from the big guys. Our guests are often repeat customers who have been staying with us for years and the design of each hotel tells a story.

The Bristol Hotel was inspired by my father’s trips to Germany and his fascination with the culture of European boutique hotels. The Bristol Hotel was designed to evoke a sense of grandeur and history. There is even a piece of the Berlin Wall in a cabinet in the Berlin Room.

Our business is 100% family owned/operated and we pride ourselves in being personally involved in every aspect of our business. We are a family of entrepreneurs and innovators with hospitality in our blood. We care what our guests think and how we can create a memorable guest experience. We hope that you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you again.

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